Through our “Athens à la carte” series, I wanted to spotlight local chefs and producers by backwards tracking what ends up on our plate. We produced a spotlight on bread and I tracked Georgia apples. These stories are pubished for The Red & Black’s Eat & Drink desk.

This is a published piece on conservation efforts in Athens, Georgia for my capstone course in the UGA College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I explored the intersections between music and environmentalism, documenting visually along the way.

The online story.

I’ve followed the story of the first all-girl Scouts BSA troop in my community from Feb. 2019 to Nov. 2020. Through both these feature stories, I pursued a newsworthy topic up close and highlighted the story of these trailblazing young women.

For my capstone course in the UGA College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I worked with two other multimedia reporters on a semester-long reporting process. We interviewed farmers, community leaders, academics, students and future growers about the future of community gardening in Athens, Georgia. I was also in charge of visuals.

In November 2018 as a staff writer for The Red & Black, I visited inmates at Lee Arrendale State Prison — the largest womens prison in Georgia — to talk about the UGA-partnered Georgia Prison Beekeeping Program. Being able to interview these women is an unmatched experience. The beekeeping program still exists.

The digital story.

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