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Athens à la carte: Tracking Georgia apples from the mountains to Athens’ menus
Nov. 10, 2020 | Traditionally just three months long, apple season is coming to a close. This humble fruit attracts thousands of visitors to the rolling mountains of North Georgia between August and late October, where traditions of apple picking, pig races and sticky, fried, baked goods run as deep as the roots of knotted apple trees lining the landscape.


Celebrating stout season with Athens-made brews

Oct 15, 2020 | With colder weather comes darker beer — think stouts, porters and variations of lagers and ales. These beers are born from a heavier roasting process and a desire for more decadent, fuller flavors that mimic the changing of the seasons.

Q&A: Local sommelier Krista Lark Slater talks about her upcoming wine shop, The Lark

Aug 31, 2020 | On Krista Lark Slater’s Instagram page, she describes herself as a “low-key sommelier.” It’s an understatement considering Lark has been studying and working with wine for years now. The Red & Black spoke with Krista Lark Slater, local sommelier, illustrator and co-owner of The Expat, about her own journey, the Georgia wine scene and what to expect from this new space.

How meal-kits and home delivery have changed the landscape of local food

Sep 4, 2020 | Living through this pandemic has resulted in a multitude of lifestyle changes. Notably, most people want things to be easier than ever while still limiting contact with the outside world. Our capitalistic society has responded eagerly, with major upticks in to-go service, pickup options and delivery across both local businesses and larger companies.

Athens restaurant roundup

A weekly series tracking changes in the Athens restaurant and bar scene in light of COVID-19.

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